Welcome to Pawsnet!

This site is part of the company EldoRoyale Ltd, which was set up in April 2011 with one objective – to provide superior treats and a world of fun and adventure for pet owners and their animals.

We are two young pet lovers based in London, right near the best parks in the world – Primrose Hill, Hampstead Heath and Regents Park. We have a beautiful West Highland Terrier and she can be a little monster, demanding plenty of energy from us. Like every pet owner knows, having a dog often opens the door to meeting a whole new world of friends with their own little devils or angels!

We know just how much pet owners love their little ones and that they are extremely important members of the family. After a lot of research we therefore decided to create our own company focusing on the adventures that people have with their animals.

From this, a superhero was born in the form of Diana Paws. The idea is simple – in the eyes of your cat or dog, you are a superhero but perhaps you have not yet realised it! This is why we created Diana Paws, as she represents your role in your pet’s life.

Follow Diana Paws’ stories on the site, and connect with other “superheroes” on our social network, Pawsnet. We hope you enjoy yourselves!


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